Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sunpatiens are Spectacular!

Nothing beats a sunpatien for the bloom power in the heat of summer!
The race continues to bring the newest plant genetics to the market and it is no exception with New Guinea impatiens.  There are some spectacular genetics available.  You must be careful when buying these plants because the height varies immensely with variety.  Some of these would be unsuitable for growing in a container because of their height.  They can range from 10 inches tall to 30 inches tall.  Check the tag when you purchase them.  We have found that the variety we grow for containers is spectacular.  They are easy to care for in warm weather and the warmer it gets the more flowers they produce.  They will flower well with moderate levels of fertilizer.  Here are the keys to success.

  • Do not under any circumstances buy them or plant them out in the landscape early.  They will not like a cold spring.  If you are placing them in the landscape I wouldn't plant them at any time before the 15th of May.   If you are planting them in a container that you can move around and protect from cold, wet weather than you can plant them earlier if you want.  
  • When you buy them, place two fingers on the stem, directly above the soil surface and gently pull.  If the stem feels solid and does not break off, you can buy this plant.  As we grow these in the early spring greenhouse we can see some issues with fungi and it can turn the stems to mush.  
  • Even though some of the literature says you can plant them in full sun, I would not.  Some afternoon shade, or filtered sunlight is fine.  I would not plant them in a hot, full sun site. South side, next to the house would not be a good idea.  

Trends for 2016

The 2015 Pantone color of the year was Marsala.  We had several combinations with plants of the marsala color.  They sold horribly.  We discounted them, they still sold horribly.  Just because the pantone color of the year is marsala doesn't mean they'll buy marsala.

The 2016 pantone color of the year is a blending of two shades:  Rose Quartz and Serenity.  If you enjoy following the decorator pantone color of the year hear is a link for you.  We follow the pantone color of the year mainly out of curiosity.  We have learned that just because somebody declares the pantone color of the year, doesn't mean anybody will buy it to decorate their outdoor living areas.